A quick poll

I was speaking to the Zanu-PF’s Women’s League, oh yes, when the matter of elections came up. It seems only yesterday that I had to put on my baseball cap in the name of democracy, as well as a reward for my female admirers, but it is time to think about going to the polls again, if only to give some of my more athletic followers a bit of exercise.

So, feel free to vote in this poll whichever way you like. No pressure.

UPDATE: Just a few more days to go. Keep those votes coming in. The suspense is killing me. Figuratively.


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One response to “A quick poll

  1. What about Canaan Banana, Mugabe? When are you going to come clean about him?


    His Excellency President Robert Mugabe replies:
    I never touched him. Or perhaps I should say he never touched me. When he died, a couple of years after he was jailed for sodomy, I was touched, but only spiritually.

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